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Crypto Trading & Liquidation Tools

We prefer free and open-source tools over premium tools. It will have free crypto arbitrage tools, market-making tools and some other tools you never had any idea about which is used by others to make money! 




Hummingbot is the best crypto market-making, cross-exchange market-making and crypto arbitrage tool out there. It is easy to set up and has a dedicated team for support. They even have competitions to help you. Some of the exchanges are Binance, Huobi, Liquid etc. 

MakerDAO Keeper Exchange Bot

Maker DAO Market Keeper

The bot can be used in most DEX and has a guide for you to set it up. They also have a Chatroom where the Devs will guide to set it up. I found it hard but the bot has a Docker image which can be used to set it up. They have ~13 exchanges.

DyDx Liquidation Bot

DyDx Liqudation Bot

So you might have already heard about DyDx, they are an exchange, and they also have a lending business. Long story short, you earn ~5% from each of their CDP liquidations. There might be some guys using sophisticated bots, but you can give this a try!

MakerDAO Keeper Bot

Maker Keeper Bot

You can take part in Maker's CDP liquidation auction and can earn as much as 7% to (IDK what %). The set up is easy but requires an ETH node (check dev section). Last time someone earned millions for $0, might not happen again but you still make something with the bot!

Atomica Pool

Atomica Liqudation Pool (beta)

Atomica is always building some of the fantastic tools. Now they are building a liquidation pool for Maker and Compound; currently they are in beta (Kovan Network), but you might earn some by joining their pool or maybe create our own since the repo is open-source!


Nomics ML Crypto Price Prediction

Nomics are now showing crypto price predictions in their charts. You might want to observe the price for a few days before using it. We have not used it, but Nomics are a great group, and you might want to shift to them. Their crypto charts are handy and have loads of data.


Gelato, Your Personal ETH Bot

Gelato is an easy crypto bot which you can set to trigger with price movements. They have a smooth UI, and it's completly free. You can use Uniswap and Kyber. You might want to set it up, and since it's free, you can play around and find your strategy.

Dex Arbitrage

Dex Arbitrage Chart (nothing fancy)

Well, it does not show you the prices for arbitrage, but it does show you some of the fantastic data which you might find useful. You know data is valuable.


Coinvana | Crypto Arbitrage IN & US

Never used it, but it does show some useful data. Indians might find it helpful. But you might want to be cautious. They have a GitHub repo, so check that out. 


Crypto Arbitrage | Manu

Another Crypto Arbitrage tool with lots of following. I tried it once, and the build failed. You might want to check it, and repo has an email so it might work.

Arbitrage Search

Github Crypto Arbitrage Search

This is just a Crypto Arbitrage Keyword search. You might find some intresting tools you can use. Do check the license before forking it for yourself.

Compound Liquidator

Compound Liquidator

Website that shows risky CDPs, you can check those and liquidate the unsafe CDPs for a profit. IDK if the website works, but it is open source and you might want to fix it up.



Get crypto, stocks and commodities prediction. I think they use public opinion for prediction but claims to have ~60% accuracy, and you might want to keep an eye and check it out. Costs about ~$150 (30000 CND) for the lowest plan and you need to hold the token if you don't want to use it sell the tokens. A few weeks back you could have bought 30000 CND for ~$60.



They have amazing tools for you to analyze the crypto markets, never tried it. But they have a lot of data which is impressive, it cost about ~$45, and there is a free plan for you. I think you should check it out, keep and eye maybe you can find an opportunity. They have 900+ coins and 110+ metrics, which in itself is excellent! Hold 1000 SAN tokens and get 20% off the price.



Dropil provides a range of services from Arbitrage Bot to Signals. They have ~6 tools for crypto traders. I did sign up and seemed legit, though never used. It is a premium service, and you might want to check it out. They have a token which can be used to pay for the services.



They provide APIs and well as services to traders and enterprises such as rebalancing etc., They also maintained a free Arbitrage website called CoinorderBook, which was a great tool. Shrimpy is a freemium tool. Do check the tool.

We will keep updating the list of tools in each category. It might take some time (~1 week) since finding and verifying takes time.
Do you have a usable crypto tool, or do you know of a that isn't on the list? Please submit below.

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