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Crypto Tools for Developers

It's hard to find the right tools the moment you need it, so here's a list of tools for you.


Now Nodes

Now Nodes is from ChangeNow. They have a free plan with 20,000 requests per day, which is already huge. You can upgrade it to 100,000 for just ~$4 per month. It is excellent for development purposes.

Radar Relay

Radar Relay Deploy

Radar Relay is also providing node services, but it's not cheap. They used to provide shared node service, but currently, they closed the program. The shared node was amazing. It costs about ~$750 a month.



If Storage is a huge issue, you might want to use Skynet from Sia Tech; they are probably the cheapest storage provider out there at ~$2 per TB, which is terrific.


Tardigrade | Storj

Storj provides storage service. It is a direct competitor to Amazon's S3 but cheaper than S3. The UI is fantastic and comes at ~$0.01 per GB though you will need to deposit at least $50 to start using.



As a dev, it is hard to come by a project where you can earn. But through Gitcoin, you could find some of the open issues and bounty and earn some money completing the code. They have a contest now and then where you might win some money and make connections.


Quick Node

Another node service comes at ~$10 per month. QuickNode did have a free plan, but when I tried signing up, it was already closed. If you want nodes for free, check other options.



Ethereum node service provider. They have a free plan and works well. It is pretty easy to set up, but some functions might not work. I found that some features weren't working when setting up Maker Keeper Bot. 



A framework to build DApps. They provide a complete set of tools for building decentralized applications and enable management and verification of unique assets.



Waffle is a library for writing and testing smart contracts. Sweeter, simpler, and faster than Truffle. - from their website!



Login system for DApps, which requires no download and is decentralized. 

Ethereum Studio

Ethereum Studio

An online editor to code, deploy and share your Ethereum applications. They have some pretty severe features. You might want to use it for your project.



An online editor to write your DApps, it works well. One of the first editors for smart contracts. They also have ~13 themes for your mood. 



You can build, test, and scale Web3 applications and distributed systems using their APIs. They have 12 core APIs, which include KYC, Oracles, Connectors, etc.

ETH FIddle

Eth Fiddle

IDE from Loom Network to build your smart contract. You can easily share your code using the pretty handy share service.


Buidler by Nomics Lab

Buidler is a task runner for Ethereum smart contract developers. It works with all developer tools, rather than replace any specific ones.



Instant transactions and scalable smart contracts on Ethereum at a fraction of the cost. That's what I found on there website.

We will keep updating the list of tools in each category. It might take some time (~1 week) since finding and verifying takes time.
Do you have a usable crypto tool, or do you know of a that isn't on the list? Please submit below.

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